Firewood Stacking

I gladly offer professional stacking as part of my service to you. While a presentable, finished stack of Burn Right Professionals Firewood will look great in any living space, my service takes extra care in using clean, modern carts that will not leave ruts in your yard or grime in your surrounding areas. We will leave the site clean and tidy with a quality stack of firewood you can count on for all your wood burning needs.

What is the best way to stack firewood?
The best way to stack firewood is on top of a dry platform or raised off the ground, with the cut ends of the logs facing outwards and open to the atmosphere, while ensuring that the logs aren't packed together too tightly and have sufficient cover if the stack will be subject to rain or snow.
How high should you stack firewood?
Wood should be stacked in rows no more than four feet high. You can either use a log rack or pallets and posts. If the firewood isn't fully seasoned yet, stack it bark-side down so the moisture can continue to easily evaporate from the wood.
stacked firewood in Coldwater MI