High End Firewood

What is the difference between dried firewood and fresh firewood?

  • Firewood that has been allowed to dry thoroughly burns faster, produces less smoke and puts out more heat than wood that is fresh, green or wet.
  • Firewood should be seasoned, or dried, for six to nine months to lower its moisture content. It’s often sold as kiln-dried, which means it has been dried in a kiln, a type of oven.
  • Seasoned firewood should feel dry to the touch and may have loose bark and splits or cracks in ends. It should feel lightweight for its size.

Hard woods versus soft woods:

Hardwoods like oaks, beech, hickory and ash are among the best woods to use as firewood. They burn longer than softwoods.

If you’re cooking foods over a fire, try using cherry to add flavor. Be safe, and never cook food over painted, pressure-treated, ground-treated, stained or manufactured woods that may give off toxic gases. Never burn those kinds of woods indoors for any reason.

Softwoods and semi-hardwoods, such as poplar, spruce and pine, are good choices for fire pits or other well-ventilated, outdoor areas. Softwoods are usually more budget-friendly than hardwoods, but they don't last as long.

Don't use firewood that contains a lot of resin, such as spruce or pine, in fireplaces, wood stoves and other indoor areas. When burned, these woods create creosote that can build up in chimneys and cause a fire hazard.

If you have any questions please ask us and we will be happy to help you select the best firewood for you application.

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